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Seaview Joinery's innovative Bifold Door system allows you to open up entire walls to the outdoors and invite natural light and air into your home. Our bifold doors are Moved by Centor's innovative hardware and are designed to protect your home from the outdoor environment. The system allows folding doors to close firmly against weather seals and effectively resist water penetration or air infiltration. Centor bifold hardware systems are the first tracked folding door system to be successfully certified beyond Australian Standard AS2047.

Available for both internal and external applications, our bifolds can protect openings as large as 5700mm wide. The doors are pre-hung in our factory by our qualified trades people and delivered to site as one complete unit, reducing on site service fees.


Sliding Doors are an old favourite of many clients and builders. They are so practical as the open door will not protrude into your room. Great for courtyards, balconies and all other tight spots around the home. The glass door slides on the inside with the option of a flyscreen door sliding on the outside. A factory fitted deadlock also provides added security.

The choice of doors is large with the ability to match them to other windows and doors in a window wall.

Now you can also protect your large bifold opening from insects with the Centor award-winning screening system. A world-first screening solution, screens completely retract into the architecture of the doorframe so they're there when you want them and out of sight when you don't. The screens also come integrated into the doorframe and can protect openings as large as 3200mm high and 7600mm wide. There is no need to compromise between uninterrupted views in the summer months and the need to eliminate annoying flying pests all year-round.


Open up your home with stylish sliding door systems from Seaview Joinery. Providing silky smooth operation, our sliding systems create wider openings compared to conventional systems, allowing you to fully enjoy your indoor-outdoor living space.

Centor's WS Stacker Door system has been designed to operate up to a span of 5800mm wide and 2400mm in height, whilst each panel can carry up to 150kg of door weight. The greatest benefit of the WS system is it allows for the majority of the vista to be enjoyed without obstructing limited or valuable indoor and outdoor areas. Even when the doors are closed to protect you from the elements, you can enjoy the larger sized glazed panels with fewer interruptions than standard sliding doors.


By far our most popular door is the Hinged glass door. It has many different versions to suit all styles of traditional and modern homes. As with our solid styles every door we produce is mortised and tenoned just like in the old days and finished off by hand, by one of our skilled tradespeople. We take great care with our doors ensuring the best quality product available. Each door is made singularly so we can make it to your exact dimensional and design requirements. We don't have any non-standard surcharges. We just make what you want to the size you want it.

All double doors have a meeting point that needs to be weather proofed. Our standard method is with the use of an Astrigal Mould. This is a T-piece that forms a rebate for the active door to close against. Benefits of the Astrigal Mould are flexibility with the handing of the doors and the carpenter not having to fit a rebate kit and risking damaging the door. If you do not wish to use the Astrigal Mould we will rebate the door stiles to the handing of your choice.

Door Frames


Often the hardest choice to make is one that will show your visitors how much style your home has. First impressions last so it is important to get it right. Often customers come into our showroom with a photo, magazine cut out or an address of a house that has an entrance worth recreating. Whether it's old or new we can manufacture a frame and door to exacting details that will create that lasting impression.


The combinations of our products are many and varied. The most common is a pair of doors with windows either side. Any of our windows can be incorporated into this frame with the clients taking full artistic licence. As long as it is fit for purpose and meets the Australian Standards we will manufacture it.