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Awning Windows give a clear view of the world surrounding you. Manufactured from a wide range of Timbers these windows will never go out of style. The window is operated with a chain winder located on the window sill. The winder pushes the sash out from the bottom effortlessly. Awning Windows can be used all year round as when they are ajar the opening is shielded from rain. There is no need to wrestle with fly screens as they are fitted securely in place out of the way of the winding mechanism.


Casement Windows are hinged from the side and swing out up to 90 degrees. Three styles of hardware are available non-friction stays with chain winder, friction stay, truth stay and winder. All styles can be manufactured from a wide range of timbers. Casement Windows are a versatile option used widely within the building industry for its air circulation abilities. With clever design the Casement Window can be used in conjunction with other energy efficient practices to produce maximum air flow. No wonder it is a favourite with architects, designers and energy conscious home owners.

Double Hung

Double Double Hung Windows have two sashes that slide vertically past each other. These windows are excellent for circular ventilation. Cool air enters through the lower opening forcing the hot air in your room to rise and escape through the top opening of the window.

Single Hung Windows have only one sash operational. This style is the preferred option for those who have mechanical ventilation in their home. Seaview Joinery developed our Reproduction Single Hung Window to cater for the demand of a traditional Box Frame Window, with all of the modern fixtures and fittings of today. Many clients renovating and extending their period homes have been delighted with the results attained. We will match the original windows as closely as possible so the transition from old to new is barely noticeable. Seaview Joinery's Standard Single Hung Window is more desirable to the modern style of building with sleek lines and reduced obstructions.

Both the Reproduction Single Hung and Standard Single Hung have two operating mechanism's. Whitco Hardware has a spiral balance system and a Jambliner system. Spiral balances will only allow the sashes to move vertically whilst the Jambliner system will allow the operator to fold both sashes into the room. The tilt action allows for easy access to the outside of the window, ease of cleaning and painting. Jambliner Double Hung Windows are great for use in upstairs areas and inaccessible applications.


The advantage of a sliding window is that the opening sash will not protrude past the window frame in the open position. Great for courtyards, balconies and all other tight spots around the home. This window comes complete with a factory fitted lock and the option of a fixed or sliding flyscreen. The Sliding window is a cost effective alternative for a servery window.


Widely used for servery's in kitchen and entertaining areas, Seaview bifold windows Moved by Centor EW hardware, enables a seamless view to the outside. Sashes can be opened completely from the centre or from the side, delivering the same smooth operation of Centor hardware to smaller-scale openings. Centor EW hardware is suitable for window openings up to 1500mm high and 2500mm wide, with a maximum of four folding sashes.

Protect your home from insects and pests with the Centor EW screen available with our bifold windows. The screen retracts vertically and is built into the window frame in the factory, so there is no need for unsightly add-ons. This unique system allows the window to not only be great for entertaining, but one that is excellent for air flow.


Sashless Windows are a modern alternative to the traditional Double Hung Window. The window has two vertically moving panes of glass with no need for timber sashes, giving the Sashless Window a seamless view of the outside world. The Sashless Window is fitted into our timber framed window so the beauty and thermal qualities of timber are not lost.

A very popular use for these windows is to install them into doors, especially Bifolding Doors. As with the windows an insect screen can be fitted to the external face, eliminating the need for bulky fly screen doors.


Everyone remembers the old louvre windows on "grannies sleep out" that would never open. Breezeway have revamped these old favourites to now produce an excellent quality Louvre system that not only works well but has a stylish look. The clips and operating handles come in matching colours to suit your decor and are available in a 152mm and a 102mm clip / blade. The louvre system is fitted directly into our timber framed window so the beauty and thermal qualities of timber are not lost. Insect screens are fitted to the external face of the window.


Most windows, door frames and doors can have an arched highlight or an arched head added to them. The difference between them is an arched highlight is a fixed piece of glass above the window, an arched frame is where the actual window or door head is arched. With both styles the arches can have a slight rise of 100mm right up to a semi-circle. Existing arched brickwork doesn't pose a problem, a simple template taken ensures the window fits perfectly.


Curved windows are an elegant take on the traditional 45 degree Bay Window. Each and every window is individual and manufactured to suit the concrete slab.

A Bow Window has a curved head and sill with the glass panes meeting at each slight change of angle, the glass joint is sealed together with silicone. The Bow Window has no obstructions to the view through the window. A segmented Bow Window has a head and sill constructed of straight pieces cut to angles that form the curve. This window has mullions at each joint in the head and sill. The glass is fitted into each panel the same as a standard piece of fixed glass.

All types of windows can be incorporated into the segmented Bow Window as well as pairs of doors.


At times a building plan comes across our paths with some very interesting and challenging windows. Never a company to put projects into the "too hard basket" our experienced sales staff and production team enjoy working with our clients to produce what is required. Our philosophy is if we can make it to suit the Australian Standards and it is fit for purpos e we will do it. Apart from some of the weird and wonderful shapes we have produced, each and every client that enters our showroom has the ability to design something a bit out of the ordinary and not get hit with exorbitant surcharges. Non-standard designs are our standard!