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Energy efficiency...Not an unrealistic expectation.

Windows are commonly the most intricate and appealing elements in the structure of our homes. They allow us to connect our interior living spaces with the great outdoors and provide us with much needed light and fresh air.

However, by having ordinary windows in your home, you can attract unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter. With new and improved framing and glazing materials we have changed the energy performance of windows fundamentally.

Our Energy efficient windows range is designed and tested so we can confidently offer you a window that will meet or exceed your energy requirements making your home more comfortable year round. With the latest in computer software we can demonstrate how we can help reduce your energy bills and carbon foot print.

Many customers utilise our showroom to gain knowledge regarding the energy efficiency term. What does it mean in the window world? What options are there and most importantly what difference is it all going to make to the building budget, and the impact on energy bills once the house is complete. There are so many terms that sound like only a scientist could decipher. The process quickly becomes too hard and seems as if being energy efficient will be too expensive.

Our highly trained team would like to dispel these myths by taking the time to highlight the benefits to you, your home and the environment.