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Frequently Asked Questions

What timber types can you choose from?

Seaview Joinery mainly manufactures windows and doors out of Western Red Cedar and Meranti. With the introduction of Bushfire regulations some areas may require the use of different timbers such as Oak, Jarrah or Kapur. Your architect will specify this on your plans.

Can Seaview Joinery make doors to suit existing openings?

We manufacture all products to order including doors. You are not charged extra if the door is an odd size.

Who installs my new windows?

Seaview Joinery is a manufacturer only, however we do have builders we can refer you to for installation.

What Payment terms does Seaview offer?

30 day accounts are available to businesses that are approved by our credit department. For non account clients Seaview asks for a 50% deposit and balance is payable before delivery.

How do I access the double hung sash for staining, painting?

To access all sides of operable sashes remove the internal staff bead (tacked in for your convenience). This will allow restricted access to the sash by swinging it in at the bottom. Apply a masking tape around the two balances so they are held tightly to the sash. Do not remove the Spiral balances (black tube) unless trained to do so. Spiral balancers are under tension being pre-set in the factory, do not remove.

On completion of painting or staining return the sash to its original position. Adjust the beads to retain the sash while holding the sash firmly and re-fix to the window jamb.

What products do we recommend sealing windows and doors with?

We recommend you speak with your local paint specialist referencing the timber type, area & location of product to determine the best coating to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

Improved energy efficiency by reducing heat loss in winter, heat gain in summer and improved noise reduction.