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Pre Installation

Lift, carry and store in an upright position, under cover where possible to protect against damage. Do not rack frames out of square.

Builders Information

  1. Please ensure that prior to installation, flashing is fitted to sills and where required, to jambs and heads.
  2. Install frames square with sashes closed. (check diagonals for squareness). Brace or adjust braces where required. Ensure that frames are not twisted.
  3. Correctly wedge all frame member joints without bowing, back nailing where possible.
  4. Check that the sill is straight and level. If required, pack with cement sheet or similar to support front and rear.
  5. Ensure jambs are not bowed when bricks are being laid.
  6. Allow 10mm clearance between window sill and external sill bricks on brick veneer.
  7. Allow adequate head clearance according to span-minimum 20mm.
  8. NOTE: Windows and doors are not load bearing (unless specified).
  9. Protect all surfaces from brick cleaning acid, mortar, plaster etc. wash away any spillage immediately or permanent damage will result thus voiding the warranty.
  10. In Timber frame construction, re check that sill and head are straight and level prior to fixing architraves.
  11. After installation remove racking braces where fitted.
  12. Timber sections exposed to the weather must be surface finished within 60 days to ensure warranty protection. Timber products supplied untreated including timber reveals on aluminium windows and doors should be surface finished as soon as practical, within 35 days. Timber doors must be surface finished including top and bottom edges prior to exposure to the weather. This is required to prevent damage to the surface of the timber.
  13. Fixings through exposed timber should be hot dipped galvanised steel; 300 series stainless steel or silicone bronze. Uncoated steel fixings through timber will react when in contact with water and produce black marks. Most black marks and other stains can be removed from timber by the application of "Intergrain Reviva" timber cleaner, available through Bristol decorator centres. Use rubber gloves, follow manufacturers instructions, repeat if necessary.